EasyQuery Server

EasyQuery Server (EQS) is a small API web-service that allows you to integrate EasyQuery.JS widgets into your own web application written with ASP.NET (Core), PHP, NodeJS, Java, Python, and, basically, any other platform for web development.

What is EasyQuery.JS?

EasyQuery.JS screenshot

In short, EasyQuery.JS helps you construct query builder UI in JavaScript applications and implement advanced search, data filtering, ad-hoc reporting or similar scenarios.
Here is a [live demo website](https://korzh.com/demo) that gives you an idea what is possible to do with EasyQuery.JS.

How does it all work?

EasyQuery.JS requests a data model from, sends a query to, and gets the result SQL statement from the SQL Query Builder, using your application backend as a proxy.

You may find the detailed description on EasyQuery.JS page.

See also How to use EasyQuery.JS with NodeJS backend and SQL Query Builder

EasyQuery.JS scheme

NB: If your backend application is based on ASP.NET (Core) you might want to look at our EasyQuery.NET framework instead. It allows you to implement the scenarios mentioned before (data filtering, ad-hoc reporting) without necesity to connect use a separate web-service for SQL generation. All necessary code will be inlcuded into your web application directly.

API key

To start using the service you will need an API key which you can get by email after the registration.

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